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About MyCityLofts

Ultimately designed all price range fully equipped within the City of Rotterdam Serviced Apartments for Business trips, Expat stays, Touristic purposes and more!

Relax and enjoy our Rotterdam Short Stay Apartments

To MyCityLofts attention is the key to really add value in people’s lives. A friendly face, someone who really takes time and interest in you and enjoys showing off their city, that’s what makes you blend in and enjoy a new place. Our service embodies this thought, each team member being open, flexible and eager to bring a smile.

How we work

Our contact starts already long before your arrival date. Sometimes we help you with your booking or answer your questions to make sure your trip is perfectly arranged. Upon arrival you will have a meet & greet with our hostess in your City Loft, at your preferred arrival time. During your stay our hostess will be available for you anytime, also in evenings or weekends. MyCityLofts invites her guests to explore Rotterdam. When you are ready to experience the Rotterdam life, we always know what’s going on in the city and enjoy giving you tips that match your personal interests. Or if you seek ultimate relaxation, you can order a professional classic or hot stone massage in your own apartment.

Interior design

Beautiful interior design where you instantly feel at home

Good locations

Always within 500 meters of public transport, supermarkets, shops and restaurants


Always free fast WIFI

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